For many around the world, these bonus tracks were already available due to them being part of their country’s ‘True’ edition!

artist: Avicii
label: PRMD
genre: House / Progressive House
year: September 18/20
quality: 320 kbps
size: ~ 70mb
type: 5 tracks
uploaded: Our FTP / File-Up / ZippyShare

Download Here: Only For our Members / File-Up / Zippyshare

Avicii – Always On The Run (Europe Amazon bonus track)
Avicii – Long Road to Hell (iTunes/UK CD bonus track)
Avicii – EDOM (iTunes/UK CD bonus track & Japan edition bonus track)
Avicii – Canyons (Spotify bonus track)
Avicii – All You Need Is Love (Spotify bonus track)

Now all of them are available on Spotify under “True” (Bonus Edition)