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Chime – Our Flame [EP] (2020) Download

artist: Chime
label: Disciple
genre: Dubstep / Trap
year: August 07/20
quality: 320 kbps
size: ~ 32mb
type: 4 tracks
uploaded: Direct Link / File-Up / Zippyshare

Download Here: Premium Access to Direct Link / File-Up / Zippyshare

01. Chime – Unicorn Blood (feat. Miss Lina)
02. Chime – Queasy (feat. Virus Syndicate)
03. Chime & Whales – Gamebreak
04. Chime – Our Flame

1 Comment

  1. Michael Zbercot

    This was a very good EP. Most of the tracks were good except for Queasy. It was ok, but Chime could have used a little more variation in the second drop and Virus Syndicate could have made better lyrics. Despite that, Gamebreak was my favorite track and Unicorn Blood was my second favorite track. Whales and Chime did a game-breaking job (no pun intended) on Gamebreak! I was so hyped for it’s release and I thought it held up to it’s ID. Also, I thought Chime captured his theme of half-girly, half-aggressive melodic riddim with a faded Eliminate styled-drop at the end of the chune. In addition to the different theme that he went for, Miss Lina helped support Chime’s theme by writing lyrics about unicorns living in a fearful land and letting your imagination run wild. To top off our flame (again, no pun intended), the last track of the EP; Our Flame, definitely stood its place. The lyrics were beautiful and the melody was superb! It reminded me of Flux Pavillion’s style, which I really enjoy as well. Overall, I would score Our Flame EP a 8/10.

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