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Sorry for delay!
Our headman, DionisS, had a birthday. And we went on a 3-4-day bender 🙂
We should back to the stream of releases soon!

DionisS’s Crew


  1. Лёха

    с днем рождения.. че бузхаете там ?

    • Eater

      Уже отходняк 🙂

  2. Donovan

    Glad it was a birthday. Happy birthday!

    • Eater


  3. None

    Espero que vocês também achem uma “Ana de Armas” para tomar um rumo na vida rsrs

    • Gilson Medeiros

      hope you guys find kinda Ana de Armas to get a way in ur lives rsrs

      • Eater

        Already found 🙂

  4. jayj

    No worries! enjoy the party and celebration happy bday! 🙂

  5. Szénási Alex

    Happy Birthday for him! =)

  6. GreyJedi

    Happy Birthday! A well deserved break for sure. Party on =D

  7. steven

    Happy Birthday DionisS! Thanks for all the hard work and keeping us updated with the freshest tunes!

  8. B Fiddy


  9. paitoon

    hbd naaaaa

  10. Mission

    Happy birthday bro

    Hope you enjoyed!

  11. Kforsndom

    Dhur Bal

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