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EDM Singles (15-16.02.21) Download

year: February 16/21
quality: 320 kbps
size: ~ 186mb
type: 19 tracks
uploaded: Direct Link / FileCM / Zippyshare

Ace Aura – Breaking Free (Skybreak Remix)
Agony – Abaddon
Carbin – Howling At The Moon (feat. Bianca Silver)
Damien N-Drix & Tony Romera – Savoir Faire (Extended Mix)
Dillytek – Bleed As One
Eliminate – Cyber Trap Vol. 1
FaderX, Alexander Cruel & Joey Antonelli – Unite (Extended Mix)
gardenstate – By Your Side (Extended Mix)
KUURO & Goja – Close To Hell
Mat.Joe – The Deal (Extended Mix)
MR. BLACK pres. HYBIT – Take Control (Extended Mix)
Phonon – Assembly
Ressurectz – Fallen Angels (Extended Mix)
Save Yourself – Rage Runners
Stadiumx & KPLR feat. Clara Sofie – I Wanna Let Go (Extended Mix)
The Sei – Metroma (Jody Wisternoff & James Grant Extended Mix)
VINNE feat. Thayana Valle – Clothes Off (Extended Mix)
Violence & Code:Pandorum feat. Niveau Zero – Behind Masks
WICKD & D-Steal feat. Kris Kiss – Dubplate (Extended Mix)

Download Here: Premium Access to Direct Link / FileCM / Zippyshare



    Glad youz are all okay and back to uploading again 😉

  2. ld

    welcome back eater!! we missed you

  3. jsin626

    Welcome back looks like u proved me wrong

    • tyler

      and when he takes another break, you gonna talk shit again. fuck off

      • jsin626

        I will is ur mom around u guys are such fucking snow flakes say one thing oh u talking shit fn people so sensitive acting like u got sand in ur bloody cunt.

        • jsin626’s mom

          Sounds like you’re pretty sensitive about it

  4. Justin Bieber

    he’s back

    • Sai

      Psy duck psy

  5. jsin626

    He wont post u wont get a singles pack any ep’s he missed or albums he missed oh wait maybe u will if u pay the stupid subscription fee. Look there i must be talking shit or stating fact.

    • Eater

      If you not like what we doing here, why are you still here? Do we owe something to someone (you) here? No. Absolutely no.
      If you are worried about our members, then you shouldn’t, they are happy that we are back to work and everyone got compensation for the two weeks

    • GreyJedi

      Jesus, you’re calling people snowflakes? While you’re acting so entitled? You’re complaining about a free service. Be thankful they post for you at all. Moreover, you have NO IDEA what they may be going through in the real world. Maybe they got Covid. Maybe someone died in their family. Maybe none of the above. The point is that YOU DON’T KNOW so respectfully please act with some common decency and civility. If you pay their sub fee then stop. If you don’t then they owe you nothing.

  6. alex

    quit complaining! you don’t have to be here! we are glad he’s back and we don’t want to miss him again!

  7. Varun pathak from india

    Miss you brothers where were you…missed you..

  8. jsin626

    Lol i could care less if he posts or not makes no difference to me i will get the music one way or another i Appreciate what u do for us and to ur members if they enjoy ur service good just saying other ways to get the music

  9. Steven

    Glad he’s back where has he been

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