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Fever 333 – Wrong Generation [EP] (2020) Download

Best “newcomer” (and our favourite) in rapcore for a looong time after Rage Against The Machine, maybe even better then RATM 🙂 And we talking not only about music!

Written after vocalist Jason Aalon Butler’s time marching in the streets of Los Angeles following the murder of George Floyd, he announced the new material: “This project is art as activism first. I’m talking about what’s happening and what needs to happen. I hope you understand there’s going to be pain in progress. After dismantling and deconstructing all of these things, we can find a beautiful place to be together. For me, this whole EP is that 13 days after 34 years. You fucked with the WRONG GENERATION.“

artist: Fever 333
label: Roadrunner
genre: Rapcore / Post-Hardcore
year: October 23/20
quality: 320 kbps
size: ~ 46mb
type: 8 tracks
uploaded: Direct Link / File-Up / ZippyShare

Download Here: Only For our Members / File-Up / Zippyshare

01. Bite Back
02. Block is On Fire
03. Wrong Generation
04. You Wanted a Fight
05. Walk Through the Fire Together
06. For the Record
07. The Last Time
08. Supremacy


  1. Banu

    Could you reupload this please?

    • Eater

      copyright owners will remove it quickly 🙁

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