Best EDM releases in 320kbps for Free Download!

Where are they?!

Hello followers and haters! 🙂
We returned as you would expect. If someone is interested in where we have been, then we inform – we were sick. Not a coronavirus, we did some tests, just seasonal flu. So all is alright now and we’ll try to back to nornal releases stream as soon as possible. Even today will post single pack!

P.S: For some stupid people who tell that what’s the point of paying for membership if there are no posts and they will be better to use Spotify, Tidal, Youtube Music etc. – let’s go, guys! Just one huge difference – You can’t download from these platforms 🙂
And even if we lost releases for one or two weeks, our membership is too cheaper than buy those releases in any digital store like a junodownload, traxsourse or beatport. Plus we always put right tags and genres 🙂


  1. alex

    glad too hear everything is ok! waiting patiently for your awesome new releases! 😉

  2. Varun pathak from india

    You all are awsm much love to all edmeaters family…thanks for letting us know and thanks to All mighty that you are okk God bless you always ❤❤

  3. Bob Marius (from Paris)

    Good luck, stay strong, see you soon anytime you get better

  4. Juke

    Much love and respect. Yes I my Lords. Love is King. Unity is power. I hope you all get well soon.

  5. ilyes Triki

    Greetings from Tunisia ! happy to hear from you guys 🙂 Get well soon

  6. Michael

    Shit happens. Good you guys are feeling better! Thanks for all the nice posts so far, and keep up the good work 🙂

  7. Sai

    Glad you guys are fine 😄 , we missed your posts but it’s ok , ignore the haters !

  8. Лёха

    Russian VODKA Hard Drink admin ) Vihoodila na bereg katiushaaa, na bereg krutoy…

  9. Akov

    u need fuck some teen trannys and everything gonna be ok

    go grab some

  10. JAVR

    That’s good news, the important thing is that everything is fine

  11. AmigagimA

    Thx for the break, that was really needed,
    so much good stuff from here stacked on my hdd.
    I was happy that I’ve found some time to here this with no need to hurry up for the new releases 😉

  12. G

    feel better!!! thank you for your service!!!

  13. S

    Stay healthy guys!

  14. Brian

    Fuckkkkkk!!! u r back! 😀

  15. Rens

    Have a speedy recovery.

    A greeting from the south

    Thank you for your good input.

  16. BNDKT

    Thank you for the good news and i wish you good health! Greetings from Czech Republic

  17. Clubnow

    I love you from thailand

  18. Лёха


  19. Лёха


  20. N a z G u L

    If it is possible to download from Tidal, above in flac quality. (I use it), so yes, you can. I download the single pack, simply for convenience. If you pay at least for quality, not for mp3 320kbps

    • Eater

      We can upload each release in FLAC, but not all people need it
      And it takes more space on HDD 🙁

    • Marios

      Why you need FLAC?320 is enough quality, and flac is much more in space.

  21. Varun pathak from india

    Waiting for new albums…pleze poste soon..cant wait now..❤

  22. Not A Gimme Gimme Person

    Hey guys feel better! Ignore the people wanting their instant gratification! You provide an excellent service! Also comparing this to Spotify makes is a joke. Get well so you can keep putting out those choice releases!

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